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© 2023 All Rights Reserved
Made with heart by Tottori Labs


Latest update: June 25, 2023


The following conditions of use (“conditions”) and the conditions regulate any use of the Tottori website (“website”), including, among other things, the creation, release, listing, purchase, sale, exchange or modify certain digital assets. (jointly called "Service"). The website belongs and is controlled by Tottori (“We”, “We”, “Company”). The website is proposed subject to your adoption of all the provisions and conditions contained in this document, as well as all other operating rules, a politician and procedures that can be published from time to time on a website (in the aggregate “Agreement”). Tottori is a platform. Tottori is not a broker, a financial institution or a creditor. Services offered on the platform are exclusively administrative. Please carefully read this agreement before accessing the website or its use. Getting access or using any part of the website, you agree to comply with the provisions and terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with all the terms of this Agreement, you cannot access the website, use any services or buy crypto assets. The website is available only to persons who have reached the age of 18.

2. Privacy policy

Tottori Privacy Policy explains how we process and protect your personal data in connection with your use and viewing the website. Agreeing with these conditions and having the opportunity to use the service, you also agree with our confidentiality policy.

3. Connection of a crypto

To list and purchase crypto assets, you need to connect a cryptocurrel to the service, in the upper right corner of the site. By connecting your crypto -leaf to the site, you agree: a) provide accurate, relevant and complete information as well as a) Immediately notify us if you find or otherwise suspect any safety violations related to the service. In addition, you agree that you will not: a) connect or try to connect to the service through non -authorized third -party applications or customers. Tottori may require you to provide additional information and documents at the request of any competent authority or if any applicable law or resolution is applied, including laws related to counteracting the laundering (legalization) of income received by criminal means, or counteracting funding. terrorism. Tottori may also require you to provide additional information and documents in cases where she has reason to believe that: a) you use a service to launder money or any other illegal activity; b) you hid or reported false data and other data; or c) transactions made using your cryptocurrency were committed in violation of these conditions. In such cases, Tottori, at its own discretion, can suspend or cancel your purchase transactions until Tottori will consider such additional information and documents and recognizes them with the relevant requirements of the applicable legislation. If you do not provide complete and accurate information and documents in response to such a request, Tottori may refuse to provide services. Connecting to Tottori, you give us permission to use the name of your cryptocurrency and images for marketing and advertising purposes. Users positioning as creators also understand and agree that Tottori can display, play and distribute their works presented in the form of digital assets created, registered and sold on Tottori, in order to operate, promote, joint use, development, development Marketing and advertising of the website. Or any other goal associated with Tottori.

4. Changing service conditions

As part of the applicable legislation, Tottori reserves the right to review and change this agreement at any time. You are responsible for regular familiarization with these conditions. Continuing the use and viewing of a website after such changes means your consent with such changes.

5. Communication preferences

Leaving your data, for example, in the form of contacting those support and others, you agree to receive electronic messages from Tottori (for example, by e -mail or by publishing notifications in the service). These messages may include notifications and are part of your relationship with Tottori. You agree that any notifications, agreements, information disclosure or other messages that Tottori sends you in electronic form must satisfy any legal requirements for communication, including: But not limited to this, such messages should be in writing. Tottori It can also send you advertising messages by e -mail, including, among other things, information ballots, special offers, surveys and other news and information that, in our opinion, may interest you. You can refuse to receive these advertising letters at any time, following the instructions for refusal to subscription in them. You recognize that possession of digital assets (NFT), available or purchased on a website, can give you the right to view, store, exchange, sell and display NFT publicly, but does not allow and does not imply the commercial use or ownership of intellectual property on the brand, Design, music, video, art or other media displayed in your NFT digital assets, unless otherwise specifically indicated.

6. Refusal of responsibility

If the Tottori is not directly indicated in writing, the service and the content contained in it, as well as the crypto acts listed in it, are provided on the conditions “as is” and “as it is accessible” without any guarantees or conditions that are obvious or implied. . Tottori does not guarantee that the service: a) will meet your requirements; b) will be available on an uninterrupted and timely basis. Tottori refuses all other guarantees or conditions that are obvious or implied, including, among other things, the implied guarantees or conditions of commodity, suitability for a specific purpose, ownership and non -destruction of the rights to the service, as well as to the content published in it. While Tottori is trying to make your access to the service and content and use them safe, you accept safety risks inherent in the provision of information and online operations via the Internet, and you will not assign responsibility for any safety violation on Tottori. Tottori is not responsible to you for any losses, and also does not bear responsibility and is not responsible to you for any use of crypto assets, including, among other things, any losses, damage or claims arising as a result of: a) user errors, such as incorrectly carried out transactions or typos; b) server failure or data loss; c) damaged wallet files; d) unauthorized access to applications; e) any unauthorized actions of third parties; Including, among other things, the use of viruses, phishing, gross force or other means of attack on service or crypto assets. Cryptoactives are intangible digital assets. They exist only thanks to the record of the right of ownership stored in the blockchain. Any transfer of ownership that can occur in relation to any unique digital asset takes place in a decentralized register in the blockchain. Tottori does not guarantee that Tottori can transmit the title or the rights to any crypto assets. Nevertheless, Tottori asks its users, which are positioned as the creators, to ensure that the cryptoactives that they mint as NFT and list through Tottori are their own individual creations, which were previously not published and/or not used in any way, So that they correspond to these conditions for responsibility to Tottori and other users. Tottori is not responsible for constant losses due to vulnerability or any kind of failure, abnormal software behavior (for example, wallet, smart contract), blockchain or any other characteristics of cryptoactives. Tottori is not responsible for accidents due to the late message by developers or representatives (or lack of message in general) about any problems with blockchain that support crypto acts, including forks, problems with technical nodes or any other problems, as a result of which the funds were lost. Nothing in these conditions excludes and does not limit the responsibility of any of the parties for fraud, death or bodily harm caused by negligence, violation of laws or any other activity that cannot be limited or excluded by legal means.

7. Risk acceptance

You accept and confirm: a) Blockchain assets are extremely variable. Prices fluctuations for other digital assets can significantly and adversely affect crypto assets, which can also be subject to significant price volatility. We cannot guarantee that buyers of crypto assets will not lose money. b) you bear the sole responsibility for determining which taxes apply to transactions with your cryptoactics, if any. Tottori is not responsible for determining taxes applicable to cryptocurrency transactions. c) there are risks associated with the use of Internet boots, including, among other things, the risk of equipment, software and Internet connections, the risk of introducing malware niya and the risk that third parties can get unauthorized access to information stored in your wallet. You accept and recognize that Tottori is not responsible for any communication failures, malfunctions, errors, distortions or delays that may occur when using crypto assets, no matter what reasons they are caused. d) the lack of use or public interest in the creation and development of distributed ecosystems can negatively affect the development of these ecosystems and related applications and, therefore, can also negatively affect the potential usefulness or value of crypto acts. E) The regulatory regime that regulates blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and tokens is unclear, and new rules or politicians can significantly adversely affect the development of the service and the usefulness of cryptoactives. F) There are risks associated with the acquisition of content created by users, including, among other things, the risk of acquiring fake assets, assets with improper labeling, assets vulnerable to destroy metadata, assets in smart contracts with errors and assets that may become indescribable. Tottori reserves the right to hide the contracts and assets affected by any of these or other problems. The assets you have purchased can become inaccessible to Tottori. Under no circumstances, the inability to view your assets on Tottori can serve as the basis for the schedule against Tottori.

8. Restriction of responsibility

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Tottori under no circumstances is not responsible to you or any third party for any lost profit or any indirect, indirect, approximate, special or penalty losses that arise due to these conditions, the service or any losses associated with the loss of income, missed the benefit, loss of business or expected savings, the inability to use, loss of business reputation or loss of data, as well as regardless of whether they are caused by a delicate (including negligence), violation of the contract or otherwise. Access to the services and their use is carried out at your discretion and at your risk, and you bear sole responsibility for any damage to your computer system or mobile device or loss of data as a result of this. Despite the provisions on the opposite in this document, under any circumstances, the maximum aggregate liability of Tottori, arising from these conditions or in any way associated with them, access to the service, content, crypto actes or any purchased products or services and their use on the service exceeds the larger of: a) the amount received by Tottori from the sale of crypto assets that are the subject of the claim and b) operating expenses from the implementation of crypto assets that are the subject of the claim. The above restrictions on liability do not apply to Tottori responsibility for: a) death or bodily harm caused by the negligence of the Tottori member; or for b) any injuries caused by fraud or intentional misleading by a participant in Tottori.

9. Continuation

Despite something contained in these conditions, we reserve the right without prior notice and, at our own discretion, to terminate your right to access or use the service at any time and for any reason or without it, and you recognize and agree with that that we will not have responsibility or obligation to you in this case, and that you will not have the right to reimburse any amounts that you have already paid to us, to the maximum extent allowed by applicable law.

10. Divisability

If any term, paragraph or position of these conditions will be invalidated or not having a limited force, then this term, paragraph or position must be separated from these conditions and will not affect the reality or applicability of any remaining part of this condition, paragraph or position, Or any other term, paragraph or position of these conditions.

11. applicable law

This Agreement in all respects is regulated by law. Any disagreements, claims or disputes arising in connection with the agreement or related to it are subject to the jurisdiction of competent courts, while the jurisdiction of the court is directly reserved.